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Want to improve client retention? Make it happen with these two words.

The ideal business strategy fits on a bumper sticker or a T-shirt. Why? Because your team is more likely to follow an easy-to-remember strategy, versus a 20-page plan. If you want to improve client retention at your agency, try this bite-size but extremely powerful business strategy: Warmth & Competence. The concept helps explain how … [Read More...]

Training for clients: Don’t miss this “hidden” revenue opportunity

Want to increase your marketing agency's revenues? Start by offering---or expanding---training services in your business model! As I described last year, all agency services fit into one three categories: Strategy, Implementation, or Training (S-I-T). In my experience, most agencies are missing opportunities related to training. Training is … [Read More...]

How to finish sales proposals faster

Clients often ask me, "How can I finish sales proposals faster?" As a range, my clients spend anywhere from 20 minutes to nearly 20 staff-hours on creating a sales proposal. When your marketing agency's positioning is amazing, you'll find you mostly jump to creating a Statement of Work (SOW) because your clients are so ready to hire you, they … [Read More...]