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Specialize or die

Want your digital marketing agency to be in business five or ten years from now? Specialize or die. As I recently shared: Clients like hiring specialists. There are some exceptions---for instance, mobile app development is so in-demand right now that app developers don’t need to specialize in specific industries, and an agency that dominates a … [Read More...]

Business strategy: Scale your agency, by changing your team structure

Ready to scale your marketing agency---without the usual growing pains? Don't reinvent the wheel---I've helped owners of agencies ranging from 1 to 100 full-time people. Be strategic. One of the biggest factors in scaling is changing your team structure and roles. What worked at the beginning won't work as you grow---you'll experience client … [Read More...]

Are you making this common client education mistake at your agency?

An agency owner recently asked me, "How much client education should we do?" His new salesperson was wasting time explaining the benefits of marketing automation to clients who weren't already convinced. How much client education? You need to do as much client education as is necessary. Remember, most of your clients don't buy … [Read More...]